Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to the quilt-a-long... (Part Four in Quilt Along)

The challenge of loving to create with so many different hobbies is finding a balance to get them completed! With the scarf off the loom, it is time to resume our quilt-a-long gift.

 Tip: If you get to a point in a project where you find yourself vascillating on which direction you want to explore, put it to the side but not out of sight! 

I am still in decision making mode of how to embellish the scarf in the previous post, which makes this a perfect time to take a mental break and meander over the heart appliqué layers.

I know my close friends are surprised at my dedication to sewing this from beginning to end without embroidery. There is something relaxing about wandering stitches over layers of fabrics that can't quite be put into words that shares how calming it is.

From 6pm to 8pm I did precisely that, and trimmed up the edges. It will take an hour to finish up the binding over the weekend.  And I need to add an embroidered label for my favorite little girl and then I will be done.  Will you?

For those following along and making their quilt, hopefully my  warped moments gave you an opportunity to catch up on your quilt top.  If not, get to this point and we do the binding at the next post.

If you missed the other three tutorial posts, here are quick links:
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Tip: If you don't have an embroidery machine for making a label later, you can use fabric markers and write something sweet or at least date it, with your name and to whom you are giving it to.Or there are some ready made labels that work very nicely as well.  There are all kinds available but I love the look of these. 

For those taking my Craftsy class:  Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs, any of the project designs would make a pretty label with some added lettering. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the present moment with family and friends! ~Cookie

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Anonymous said...

How do you bind a large quilt in an hour? It takes me a couple of days as I hand stitch the binding to the back. You must machine stitch your binding front and back, would be interested to know how you do this?