Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who are the Flats? Part 1 ... such a doll supplies!

The Flats are a "once upon a time family" and everything in their world was FLAT.  At least according to Angela Yosten  the designer who has put together an adorable set of patterns to create Flat family members, their wardrobe and the Flats House.  The fabrics that are used in the sample  photos are by Moda.

Lucky for me, I live by Sew Main Street. The owner of this delightful store is  Debbie Light. She has put together kits to make this a ready to sew fabric adventure!

I can imagine my favorite little girl carrying it with her on the way out the door.  If you have a favorite little boy, he will enjoy the little boy Flat family member, his wardrobe, pets and travel home, too. This is the next project.

Why did I choose this project?  It's more appliqué and I see room for additional embroidery to be added as an option.

I will start with the dolls first which comes pre-printed on a nice weighted cotton. You will also need  1.5 wide sew-on Velcro, Fusible Fleece and coordinating thread.  (neutral might work fine.)

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