Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With Appliqué - the wrong side matters (Part Three in Quilt Along)

I would be remiss not to mention the flip side of appliqué. Before layering, quilting and binding is done; make sure you have the seams pressed the way you need them for the quilting you are going to add later.  

You need to remove all traces of appliqué stabilizers or interfacings you may have used under the blocks during the appliqué process.
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For those that leave paper behind, understand that you are trapping it and you will often hear the crinkle after the quilt is washed and dried after using.  If you leave traces of fusible paper, you may see wrinkles where the crinkles are after a spin in the dryer because they reheat and reattach.  

How did I learn this? Through experience years ago on a strip pieced and appliquéd pale pink vest.  The vest was darling until I wore it and spilled a little salad which required a wash and dry.  It was never the same. The vest is crinkled and wrinkled forevermore.

Do a final check before layering. 

Final press to the back, and final press to the front with a protective cloth!  Press your back fabric and place it face down on the cutting table. Smooth it out. (An optional consideration regarding binding: If you wish to use the backing as part of the binding give yourself 2.5 to 3 inches all the way around.  I chose traditional binding with a different fabric in which case the back and front will be cut in the same dimensions.)

Put a layer of 100 percent cotton batting. It is thinner than poly but it is perfect for quilts and when washed later, you will love the drape of your quilt.  Smooth it out

Place your quilt top as the final layer facing up. Smooth it out until you feel all three layers are wrinkle free.  Pin from the center out or you can baste stitch from the center out to keep all layers together.

Quilt using your preferred method.

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