Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Borderline embroidery disorder...

Do you see continuous embroidery border designs for sale online and at the local sewing machine shop and steer away from them because it just feels too difficult?

Do you wonder how do "the others" get the designs to match up so seamlessly?

Are you "lost" with using templates?

Do you own all the supplies and take border hoop classes repeatedly and yet have not completed the first project at home?

If you answered yes to any or all of these symptoms, then you may be suffering from BED.

Lovely Borders
With so many products to make continuous borders match on the market, it feels as though it has to be difficult!  Why else would we keep purchasing more and more guides, templates and hoops if it weren't so challenging?  My goodness, we even have built in cameras and special border hoops to encourage us to do this very stylish embroidery!

Lovely Borders Floral
"How do I embroidery borders?" is still one of the most often asked questions, since 1996.
 The main difference between now and 1996  is the number of options for how to do it. Whether you use software, a built in camera, a border hoop, built in machine "border features," a screen pen, snowmen or templates plus stitched line guides, you will need to use a measuring ruler to ensure you are traveling in a straight line!  Use a temporary marking pen or chalk, and draw exactly where your border needs to be. Having a clear template with grid to use while hooping is very helpful.  A border hoop is wonderful but it is not an absolute necessity. The border hoop makes the process easier to slide fabric while adding additional segments to the border.

Most embroidery software packages offer "steps" on how to create border designs.  If you own the Brother Quattro, Innovis or Babylock Ellisimo, Ellegante machines, there is a quick and easy step by step guide in the machine manuals.  If you have a different machine, check your manual to see if you don't have this built in feature, too! Try out a continuous border by going to the Lovely Borders design set on our website.   Take a moment and Like Us on Facebook for other free designs and free projects!

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