Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look who is ready to play!

It is always great to be back from travels, sitting in the sewing studio.  There are always two or three projects in the works.

The fabric (paper style) doll was put to the side last week since she needed a facial details. You can draw or paint them. Or perhaps hand stitch embroidered facial features, but I wanted to use my embroidery machine. Now her face has been digitized as of yesterday with embroidery software.  That inspired me to complete her.  True confession of additional inspiration:  I am boarding a plane with a two year old this upcoming weekend and that is the real push to finishing this fun flat doll. Catch up on the Flat Dolls here:

Part 1: Who are the Flats?

Part 2: Who lives in the Family Flat?

For those that watched It's Sew Easy last week online or on PBS TV, the hair is thread painted with matching gold colored thread, same technique as in episode 411 to add quick dimension. Aurifil Thread has a kit of thread that matches the clothes and hair choices to perfection. The store I shop at, Sew Main Street sells it and perhaps yours does, too!

With every pattern there are learning curves and tricks, so here are a few that I used not mentioned previously:

Try using Elmer's washable non-toxic glue to position all the velcro clothing pieces as indicated on the Moda fabric patterns!  This really sped things up at the sewing machine, with no pins to remove as I stitched everything into its rightful place!

Keep glue off the iron with my favorite Teflon sheet.  The Clover iron is always handy should you need to remove a quick wrinkle!

Using the same glue to match the front and back pieces together. Tip: Using a hot iron with no steam, can speed the drying process. Or relax and let them dry while either painting or stitching on your "doll face".  

For added durability during playtime, after stitching the clothes using a seam line of 1/8 inch from the edge per the directions, consider zig-zag stitching as a finishing touch.  If your chosen new owner is an "enthusiastic pretender" then an easier edge to grab is certainly achieved with a reinforced zig zag edge finish.
Can you create your own digitized facial features?
For those who are learning how to create their own designs: I digitized the eyes with a spiral fill, the nose with a running stitch set to triple stitch, the mouth with a fill set to satin, and the eyebrows with a column stitch. For fun, I made sure there was enough white space on the eye to add a dash of eye color with paint sticks and did the same to the cheeks. Now every doll can have eye color to match their mommy's or daddy's eyes!  If the above tools are unfamiliar then join me in Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs on Craftsy! plus get 25% off with the link. See a quick look of what the class is about:

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