Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY: 2006 Vintage Lingerie Bag Project

Another fun project from a past lesson plan, 2006! The initial use was to hold the clover iron made with a fusible fleece rather than interfacing. Leaving out the heat resistant fabric makes this an easy to make tool bag, or lingerie bag.  The exposed zippers makes it easy and quick! 

  • 2 rectangles 12.5 “ X 18.5” fabric
  • 3 fourteen inch zippers
  • Sewing thread and matching bobbins
  • Monogram design or embroidery design
  • Embroidery thread
  • 1 heat and bond, craft weight 12.5 “ X 18.5”
  • 3” binding
  • Sewing/embroidery machine
  • Heat resistant fabric 12.5"x18.5" fabric (if you prefer a tool bag)
  • Fusible interfacing optional for liner fabric

  1. Apply the heat resistant fabric to outer fabric (Sample is Black Fabric) with heat and bond.
  2. Sew zippers on liner fabric with exposed ends as shown in the picture below.

  3. Stitch across each end with zipper closed.  From the back remove fabric behind zipper.
  4. Slide zipper tab to the right, out of the way and cut off excess zipper tape.
  5. Embroider monogram or decorative design from embroidery machine centered on top third of bag on outer fabric. If you are making several as lingerie bags for gifts in the future, instead of a monogram you could appliqué a design or embroider it using one of the pretty medallion designs.
  6. Place fabrics wrong sides together.
  7. Baste with 1/8” seam holding all layers together. Add straight stitching across to form pockets for top and middle pocket! (Evenly spaced from Center to allow the bag to be folded in threes, later)
  8. Sew binding to bag edges on all four sides.

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