Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Faceless no more...Happy July 4th! Part 4

Have you seen the moda pattern printed fabric of the flats? This is part 4...

With July 4th in just 2 days, I began having nightmares thinking about the number of friends who will be gathered with small children who might have faceless dolls.

Whether you embroider, paint, use markers - why not match the doll's coloring to that of the recipient.  For mine, I actually embroidered some facial features and then used paint stick in a blue green for the eyes and blush makeup.  You read that right!  I have an old Mary Kay blush that just seems to stain everything permanently and I have put it to good use!

The embroidered version is available on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Facebook Page as a free design download for July.

Why the face? Follow the history and tips of this project:
Who are the Flats?
Who lives in a Flat house?
Look who is ready to play!

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