Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Embroidery Designs Meet Paper...

Creative fun can be yours with the right paper and designs. Whether you use store purchased embroidery designs, appliqués, little flower stickers or simply create your own templates from scratch here are a few tips to ensure success:

Pick embroidery designs with less density to avoid over perforation of the paper.  It is so sad when you spend time stitching a design to only have it left on the table of your machine with a big hole in your card. Don't own an embroidery machine? Lightly trace an outline and hand stitch with thread!

A textile paper such as Mulberry or many of the other hand made papers available on the market work beautiful.

For fabric envelopes consider gluing your own fabric to card stock using a light coat of "mod-lodge".  Or other decoupage style of adhesive that provides protection against the elements.  Heat and Bond light is another option used to attach fabric to card stock.

You can appliqué fabric or paper layers or a combination of both.

Tear away plain or paper release adhesive tear away, along with temporary sprays are great to have on hand.

Use a ruler with a bone tool available at scrapbook stores, "Bo Bunny" or side of round edge scissor used "carefully" or paper cutter with adapter set to score your paper. Any where you plan to fold is where you need to score!

Tip for gluing your envelope together: put a little piece of scrap card inside as you glue, so you can keep the inside of the envelope clean.

Favorite Envelope Template:Martha Stewarts paper scorer with envelope tool. Favorite size envelope: A2

Gather these supplies and give it a try!
2-8x8 tear away pieces of stabilizer
1 single sided piece of scrap book paper
2 pieces of double sided printed paper
Glue stick
4-5 spools of 40 weight embroidery thread to coordinate with your papers
1 redwork design small than 3" x 3"
Embroidery machine with small hoop, (or elect to embroider by hand).sewing machine for card assembly and decorative stitches, small embroidery scissors, paper scissors

Stitch the design by hooping a piece of mulberry paper over 2 pieces of tear away stabilizer. Try a redwork machine embroidery design with needle perforations greater than 2.0.  Stitch, remove from hoop and trim paper design to 3-1/4" x 3-1/4"

Trace card outline on double sided scrapbook paper as follows: 8-1/4" x 5-1/2" and score the card to 4-1/8"

Your card should measure once folded on the score line 4-1/8" x 5-1/2"

Alternative: Create Card Decor in the embroidery hoop!
Create a Matte for your "stitched artwork" by stitching it onto one piece of single sided scrapbook paper and then measuring 1/8" all the way around and cutting it accordingly.  Glue-stick the matte to the embroidery square in the center with a small dot. Keep it out of the edges as it will later be stitched.

Take your glue stick and center your matted artwork to the front of your card and stitch it in place with a blanket, zigzag or other "light density" decorative stitch.  Stitch along the actual artwork square and this will hold the designs and matte board permanently to the card.
Six years after initially posting about stitching on paper, it is making a reappearance in vintage looking up cycled cards. Give it a try, add paint splatter, glitter and dimensional bits and pieces. Enjoy!

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