Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When sewing feet walk off!

Make Your Own Tray
Sometimes I can find myself still sewing at midnight to get that one special something into the mail the next morning for a timely gift or perhaps a sample for a store. It is why I use a Fabric Tray to put all the feet and tools I need to avoid misplacing something while I am sewing.  

We hear the word “mindful” and “focused” all the time.  Truth be told, I can be mindful in the sewing moment and not realize where I am placing my scissors on the way to the iron!  Another loss of focus occurs when I change sewing feet for the next step in a project.  In truth, my mindfulness is focused on the step at hand and everything else tends to fade.  It took weeks to program myself to putting everything in that tray before leaving my sewing chair or in-between steps.  It certainly has worked well for the most part but sometimes I simply cannot find the right foot for the task at hand. It may have gone to the store, or it is one I don’t own or it has not been invented!  

At such moments, creativity and mindfulness are the tickets out of the situation. Ask the three challenge solving questions:

  1. What does the foot do? 
  2. What features of that foot makes it work well? 
  3. What foot can I find in my drawer that emulates the action? 

My favorite sewing stitch is the appliqué.  Coincidentally, it is the foot I misplace the most.  What else can I use?

  1. It covers raw edges using a zigzag stitch.
  2. It has a groove that allows the fabric and the stitches to form.The key to the appliqué foot is the groove where the stitches enter extends to the exiting at the back of the foot.  
  3. Look at the feet on hand from top and underneath to pick the closest one that has this feature: here shown from left to right are the N, 5 hole cording and J feet.

The N and 5 thread cording feet have the enter and exit groove needed, so depending on the width of the appliqué (judging the entrance point) I could use either foot. Too often we use feet and love how they work without looking at why they work.  I invite you to examine your sewing feet carefully. In doing so, you will come up with ideas for other sewing tasks and finishes!

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