Wednesday, September 11, 2013

French Seams made simple...

TeeTime Designs
French seams are the perfect finish for hiding raw edges and adding strength and durability for clothing, home dec, accessories and more!

When should you consider a French Seam? 

  •  A rectangular unlined silk scarf assembled in two sections with a seam
  •  Adding a beautiful ruffle to a scarf or skirt but again, a serger may not be an option depending upon construction and the "weave of a light fabric."
  •  It is a great choice for an apron or jacket, where you see both sides.
  •  Often  used in baby clothes where a French seam not only prevents unraveling of fine cotton fabrics but also provides a soft finish against the skin. 
  • Pillow case seams  when adding lace
Last week's video on the narrow rolled hem, along with this technique plus an upcoming one on the weekend for Ruffles will be the skills needed for the project of the month on our Facebook page posting tomorrow.

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