Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ruffles in the wind!

It is time for practice to payoff in using the ruffler, narrow roll hemmer, gathering foot and French Seams...

Ruffled scarf by Cookie Gaynor

  • 2 yards of cotton voile or similar drape fabric such as silk, chiffon, charmeuse, etc.
  • Narrow Roll Hemmer
  • Ruffler Foot
  • Gathering Foot is optional if you wish to add a ruffle down the center as a last step.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Matching thread in top and bobbin
  • Scissors and Snips
  • Required skills: French seams, using ruffler and narrow hemmer feet.  Optional: gathering foot

Need help learning these skills? Go to and check out the Meet Your Feet Playlist.  Be sure to subscribe as new videos are added weekly!

Cut the following strips from the fabric:
  • Foundation scarf strip: 72" x 3-1/2 (This will be the length of the scarf)
  • 6 Strips each measuring 3-1/2 x 72. Optional center ruffles requires 3 more 3-1/2” x 72” strips. The ruffles in the finished scarf are 3x’s the length of the scarf.  You can use less fabric for the ruffles if you prefer less twirl. 
(If you make your scarf longer or shorter than 72 inches you will need to cut your 9 strips 2-1/2 to 3 times the length of the foundation strip.) 

Sew strips as follows:
  • Hem the two 3-1/2” sides of the Foundation scarf strip using a narrow rolled hem foot
  • From the 6 strips: Sew 3 strips together along the 3-1/2” sides using French hems and repeat process. This creates strips each measuring approximately 3-1/2”x215” You need two for the side ruffles. Optional sew 3 strips together for the center ruffle
  • Create two ruffled strips as follows: Finish 3 sides of 2 strips using the narrow hemmer foot. Leave one long side raw. Use the Ruffler Foot set to a 6 pleat, stitch along the raw edges of both strips  

  • French Seam-view from wrong side
    Ruffled Edge and Narrow Hem Finish
Use French seams to attach the ruffles along both sides of the foundation scarf strip. A French seam reminder: With wrong sides together pin ruffle to foundation scarf with the ruffle facing towards the center and stitch in place using a quarter inch seam. Trim seam down to one-eighth inch and fold the other way and stitch down again which will encase the raw edges of the ruffle and raw foundation strip.  Repeat process for strip two on other side of the foundation scarf strip!  At this point your scarf is ready to debut!

Remember: If you can't picture how to do a French seam or any of the other skills needed then go to my channel for video help. Be sure to subscribe while there.

Optional create center ruffle, Use the narrow hemmer foot and finish all four sides of the optional third strip. Use the gathering foot down the center of strip #3 to create ruffle to stitch down the center of the foundation scarf.  Straight Stitch in place.  You are done!

With these feet you can create several variations including horizontal ruffles in tiers.

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