Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh the feet we will meet...

It's September! Each week I am adding quick videos on sewing feet, tools, and techniques for posted projects. I learned to sew before I began embroidery, but many hobbyists learn to stitch embroidery first.  Rather than field questions after the fact, we will have videos to refer to as we progress through various projects.

I make quick simple square and oblong scarves constantly with the Narrow Roll Hemmer.  Hand sewing is lovely but I truly don't have that kind of time. I can't visualize sitting in the dark trying to hand stitch a roll hem while relaxing and watching TV at 10pm with the family. Begin with an easy fabric to work with that is light weight: cotton voile.  The method shared is unlike the ones that came packaged with the roll hemmer foot I purchased, but it made the difference for me and hope it does the same for you. It takes about 15 minutes of mastering that narrow hemmer trying it this way:

Here are some popular dimensions for you to consider when making your rectangular and square scarves: for square scarves a 20"x 20" was selected as most useful and a 36"x36" as most stylish. Several prefer the 40"x40" square scarf for additional tying options. Oblong scarves come in a wide variety of sizes: most favorited ones come with a minimum width 18"x longer length of 72" most versatile. Need more help? Like me on Facebook!

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