Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ahh choo! The gift that keeps on giving...

Sample 1
Whether you create fabric with ribbons using the Edge foot or use scraps from your stash to crazy quilt fabric, here's the easiest gift to make and is handy to have for yourself!

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Plain fabric was used on the second sample and fun trim was added prior to the final stitching to ensure the ends were finished off. Once you have your fabric created, you will need the following:

Sample 2

  • 2 rectangles of coordinating fabric 7.25 inch x 6 inch (6.25 if you like a roomier fit for those larger bonus tissue packs)
  • Matching sewing machine thread - all purpose is perfect
  • Trims or other embellishments, if desired!
  • Sewing Machine or Serger
  • Machine needle suitable for fabric
  • general foot plus edge foot

Read entire directions first, even though they are simple it helps!

Use 1/4" seams throughout the assembly. If you are using a serger then use a 3 thread overlock seam set to M (1/4")

Take the 2 rectangles, and have pretty sides (right sides) facing each other. Stitch  along both 6 inch sides and turn right side out so you can see both of your pretty fabrics now sewn together.

Lightly press the folds for a professional finish. The folded edges will become the dispenser opening.  Decide which fabric you want on the outside and which will be the liner.  You may use the edge foot to topstitch the folded dispenser seams.
*Optional step: Embellish the dispenser opening with embroidery, decorative stitches, trims, etc on the outside fabric.  If you elect to top stitch, use your edge foot for a nice straight line of stitching.

In Sample 1, The Ribbon Tissue holder is lined with silk dupioni.  I had the option of adding trims to the opening. The trim would have been sewn to the ribbon side along each 6 inch fold.  I preferred the ribbon fabric to be showcased by itself. 

In Sample 2, the outside fabric is suede and the trims were sewn along each side of the suede along the 6 inch folds. 
Made by friend, "Stevie"
Take your side sewn fabric rectangle which is now right side out and lay it down on the sewing table with the liner fabric on the bottom.

Fold both seamed 6 inch sides to the center to form the dispenser opening. Pin them into position along the center at the folds. Now you have two sides of  raw edges.

Sew (or Serge) the folded &" side raw edges down.

You can leave the corner pointy or form box corners on all four points and stitch.

Turn right side out with your outside fabric looking great and your liner smiling at your from the inside!

Boxed and Bejeweled, blue liner
Up Close side view of boxed corner

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