Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ahh Choo! Just won Craftsy Blogger Awards: Best Instructor's Blog in Embroidery! Thank you so much!

Winner of Craftsy's Blogger Awards!A big thank you to all my fans that voted in the Craftsy Blogger Awards.  I won!  I appreciate each of you who took time out of your busy day and voted for me.

But I am not taking a blogging day off today, but instead I am saying thank you and answering several questions about the tissue case  posted on October 15 with a how to video! Link at the end of this post...

 In doing so, I have focused on the edge foot once again.  I told you it was my favorite sewing machine foot!

This time it is how to use the edge foot for top stitching.

There are many variations out there.  Mine is a reversed engineered one from my most talented grandmother who probably made hers when Kleenex first came out with those handy sized tissues.   I was always sniffling about with allergies and kid colds and drove the family nuts.  I remember having a favorite tissue holder (I had many and so will you) with little kittens on it. (Turned out I was allergic to cats so hence the sniffling!)  Loved it literally to pieces and some friend in the second grade got it. If you are reading this, let me know the rest of the story.  I forgot all about the tissue holder until many years ago when my dearest friend, Stevie, gave me one that was similar, only this time it had spools of threads.

To answer the questions on assembly, you can watch it directly:  YouTube/CookieSews  or read the directions by scrolling down to October 15, 2013.  Subscribe to my channel so you won't miss any of the weekly videos on sewing, embroidery and projects as they are added.

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