Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing on the Edge!

The Edge Foot is my number one "go to foot" when constructing garments, accessories, making fabric, and quilts.  It is used for topstitching, attaching ribbons, lace to lace, stitching in the ditch and pin tucks .   I always encourage customers to add the Edge Foot and the Quarter Inch foot to their new machine acquisitions. 

Gather your ribbons, sewing machine, and edge foot plus a lining fabric 8"x8" to compliment the ribbon square created with edge foot in the same size. We will construct this project in the next post. Go ahead and use the edge foot to create the ribbon fabric.
If you have never tried using the edge foot as described above then take a look at this video for additional tips.  Don't miss future video tutorials by subscribing to http://Youtube.com/CookieSews 

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