Tuesday, October 1, 2013

When Ruffles Gather! Meet Your Feet - continues

The gathering foot is my go to sewing machine foot for creating soft ruffles and ruching.  Most machines on the market either have one made specifically for their brand of machine or can use one of the generics on the market.  It's a great foot to have on hand.

Two short and to the point videos on using the Gathering foot.

Learn both techniques for this foot and then you will be all set for a project or two to follow up with! The first video is using the gathering foot to create a simple ruffle.  It would be lovely to create a top ruffle for the scarf we made in last week's post by simply taking a long strip of fabric and finishing the edges with a narrow roll hemmer on both sides and then gathering the strip in the center creating a ruffle to stitch on top of the scarf as the last step.


The next video shows how to gather a ruffle while attaching to fabric as in a pillow.  You can also gather fabric while attaching to elastic which has wonderful sleeve embellishment possibilities.

It is easy to see why this foot is so popular.  Give it a try! I would love to hear how your sewing adventure with this foot worked out.


Anonymous said...

I love this foot and use it all the time for ruffles. It's very easy to use once you learn how to use it. No directions came with mine, so had to search the internet for directions.

Cookie Gaynor said...

I agree with you that this foot is simple to use and it has so many applications for projects. Thanks for sharing!