Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's the night b4 Thanksgiving... and the stitching is done

...and that is it!

Oh my, it's the night before Thanksgiving and house is chaos.  Holiday decorations almost done, dinner prep for tomorrow. I’m not nearly done, and the temperature outside keeps dropping.  Just found the sweaters for my poodle babies.  And they want to go out, oh no!

No dessert in the oven...I'm thinking midnight.  Yes, it's going to be a magical elf night for sure.  Yet I found a few minutes to make a quick design for an apron.  Where are my priorities?

How did this happen?  The holidays just swept in overnight while I've been immersed in a new teaching project for a few weeks only to step away from the computer  today and realize that I have less than 24 hours to make the Holiday Opening fun.   The opening begins with the Macy's Parade in just 9 hours!

Realized I needed to catch up with everyone, so I ran to Facebook!  Many of you do the same thing, I know it. I've seen you online, late at night.  Tidied up the website FanPage and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, uploaded a gift and headed to Pinterest!  Why Pinterest?  I needed some quick decorating ideas and a little help with a salad I need to make. Then I drove to the grocery store in the dark and picked up the ingredients. It’s no joke! (I did make a quick stop at Target to get some embroidery project items along the way - I have serious priority issues at the moment! Need intervention as the store was about to close). 

So if you are like me, there is something my family and friends can count on, I will be up for the Parade, I will watch the dog show and serve dinner with a smile.  A big thank you to my daughter and husband who are cooking, I'm doing the salad, and with machines a "stitching" I am cleaning and blogging.  So how is your holiday world?  

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and remember to find joy in the moment!

Twitterly yours, Cookie

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