Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back in the land of stitches...

Note to self, stay in the land of stitches and avoid sick people!  (LOL, oh my...)

Here is a quick gift idea that can be used as the packaging for hot chocolate, cookies, a decorated cupcake, or if you are low on energy like me simply pour colorfully wrapped chocolates inside!

The Joyful tree tag is available on the website on sale!

And the Merry Christmas Ball Jar topper is available on our Facebook page as a freebie through Christmas!

Follow the simple steps and have your project done in 30 minutes!


Embroidery thread 40 wt:  light green, dark green, yellow gold, and red and white bobbin thread
2 yards green ribbon, cut into 9 inch length strips
2 yards red ribbon, cut into 9 inch length strips (or use ripped pieces of fabric, sample uses organza)
1 green hair elastic or green rubber band
1 Piece of ribbon to tie bow around the lid 
2 pieces of water soluble stabilizer, sized for hoop to stitch tree
1 piece of felt for lid cover with tearaway stabilizer to fit hoop however, if your felt has little stretch then you may not need the stabilizer
Optional: the Thread Palette tool for a serger or similar type of item (bow maker) to make tying the  ribbons easier onto the elastic.  Alternative method:  stretch it around the jar and use that.

Easy Steps:

Start the embroidery machine and stitch both designs while working along side within an "emergency stopping" distance.  Not that you will have a problem but every time I get too confident, things go awry! 

Stretch elastic band around "something" giving you four sides and easy access as shown and tie 2 green ribbons to each of the four sides!  Getting to use the serger Thread Palette tool I purchased years ago gave me a big smile - so look around the sewing room and you will have some gizmo that will work, or check out your kitchen drawer!

Fill in-between the green ribbons with red ribbons or pieces of fabric. You can use pinking shears for fabrics strips or simply rip the strips and let the raw edges add a fun look.

Time for assembly with the finished embroidery designs. 

Want to digitize your own? Create a circle in your software in the size you need and get creative within the confines of the circle. If you don't know how to use your software Join Me on! This basic class is open to all home embroidery software owners!

For the lid, you can add an extra layer of felt or a batting to add additional "poof".  Sample uses two layers of felt glued to the lid. The lid in this sample design measures 2.75 inches in diameter.

It's okay to cut out on the line itself as it will be tucked under the mason jar lid.  Sample shown with pinking shear cut out!   If you would simply like to tie this sentiment by sewing on a piece of circular fabric, wrapped with a ribbon - it will out work great!

Love Aileen's glue for  flexibility, adherence to so many "bases" and strength.  But you can use any glue that will adhere fabric to metal that is handy in your home!  Tip: if you don't have the right adhesive or glue, go quietly into your significant other's Home Depot stash!  Mine flies RC planes so I have every glue known to man at my secret disposal! Love his hobby!

Fill jar with candy, or hot chocolate or a beautiful cupcake, or maybe socks, etc!

Add the lid and attach Tree tag to elastic. Tie ribbon around lid with a bow finish!  You are done!

Use the same tags for Christmas ornaments and Package ties!  

Best tip: Focus on the season and not the fuss. Gifts from the heart and gathering with family will keep you joyful.  

More last minute gift giving from the heart ideas through the weekend.  (Making up for those sick days!)

Happy Holidays ~ Cookie


Martha said...

Welcome back to the land of the living and stitching. Missed you and your creativity!

Cookie Gaynor said...

It is great to be back! Thank you!

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