Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chocoholics Unite in stitches and indulge!

This design makes a great pocket topper, too!
Favorite holidays: Valentine's Day and Halloween and why? Both offer large selections of chocolate indulgences!  What is prettier than rows of heart shaped boxes? However, don't be fooled, I am a picky chocoholic.  No  chewy chocolates! Dark non-dairy rocks and I want the centers to be REAL!  It's true, all of that translates into expensive chocolate but I'd rather have a few pieces of great chocolate than fake chocolate by the pound.  But for the budget,  I have found quite a few delicious chocolate bars at Whole Foods that meet my taste test and quality control!  And of course sugar free chocolate should be kept handy for friends who visit and would otherwise be deprived!

I am celebrating the anticipation of Valentine's with chocoholic designs.  One new embroidery design a week on Facebook until Valentine's week.  Be sure to stop by for your calorie free piece of chocolate embroidery! The link is under the large cover photo at the top of the page.

Project Idea and thank you to Penny!

Creativity is flowing on Facebook and look at this adorable project created by Penny Wilbur - a sweet wrapper indeed using the free design and adding her own personal touches. I think perhaps instead of a wrapper we should call it a candy cozy!  I will add other project ideas to the blog but thought Penny's wrapper is a great way to begin the Valentine "season".


DebinSC said...

This is adorable great job!

DebinSC said...

This is adorable! Great job!