Monday, January 27, 2014

Chocolate and where we can enjoy both!

Morning of Craftsy Taping Day 1

I am at Craftsy taping today.  The weather in Denver today is 21 degrees and light snow flurries.  I got up early to enjoy a beautiful breakfast at the Magnolia Hotel. 

Just a quick blog post to be sure no one missed that the New freebie is up on the design freebie page
Once on the fan page, look under the Cover Page Photo and you will see the link for the free design.

Have you looked closely at the tools that come in embroidery digitizing software?  Great auto tools that make some style of designs quick and easy to create. Anyone can create their own simple designs with little skill. You have to know what the tools can do and the rest comes easy.

If you are one of my student’s in Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs class on Craftsy, look how easy  it is to make this design:

Closed Shaped Heart
Pattern fill
Circle tool
Twirl, Warp, Distort ....
Script Lettering

What about a circular chocolate with a swirl? 

Time to get to work!

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