Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Craftsy team work!

Had an amazing day at Craftsy.  Woke up to snow flurries yesterday morning.  Arrived at the studio bright and early.

Here are photos of the fun people working with me. They are wonderful. You can see the enthusiasm in their smiles and glittery eyes!

Kristin set up the iron, and I quickly took the photo. It really looks like she is hard at work pressing fabric...

Kristin - Instructional Producer (VIP)
Michelle - Smiling Production Editor
Marshall - King Videographer

So much techno gathered in one studio plus a high level of energy, professionalism and a little craziness...

Today, I learned how to do a sewing demonstration without a sewing machine, so I will be curious to see how that looks in the new class video when it is finished.

Over lunch I quickly caught up on all my favorite sci-fi shows because everyone at the table watches them, too!  One of the instructors was celebrating a birthday, so chocolate cake was served. Love that!

The day went by very quickly.  I returned to the beautiful Magnolia Hotel  too tired for the cocktail hour but managed to take a power nap and make it downstairs for the nightly cookies and milk!  Chocolate chip cookies, my personal favorite and they were still warm!

All in all, it was a great day!


Unknown said...

Thank you for all your encouragement, I know God has a good plan for you. Have you also considered, in conjunction with the other suggestions, opening a home Educator friendly library. In my experience , with both private and publicEducator libraries, this is a community need. Keep pressing on, Blogging Friend!

Cookie Gaynor said...

Now that I am back from travels, what is home educator friendly library?