Sunday, January 26, 2014

It’s Craftsy Time and I’m winging my way to Denver...

On board the plane, heading to Denver for!

Pre-Taping Day: Travel and Cookies!

Very excited to be returning to Craftsy to  tape another embroidery software class.  If you haven’t taken a class on Craftsy or perhaps you purchased embroidery software  over the holidays, check out my first class:

I can’t reveal what the new class topic is just yet however, I can say that it should inspire creativity beyond clothing.

Craftsy is an amazing company and they are growing so fast.  Studios are constantly changing.  Here is an insider glimpse of where I taped the last time.  Awesome eating area in the building with brightly colored pop art.   

I anticipate this to be another fun experience! Don’t get me wrong in that you actually do work long days but everyone is a part of a great team.  And they dispense chocolate throughout the day. Heard that we are taping in a different studio which is no surprise with the way they are expanding. 

What really makes Craftsy so special is the friendly, caring people who exude creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm.  

Thankfully, on this day of travel, it will culminate over cookies at the Magnolia.  Served nightly and all the business travelers partake in cookies and their choice of flavored milk including strawberry. I will sneak in some photos on this trip.  

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