Monday, February 17, 2014

From Screen to Shining Screen... Why does my embroidery software screen look different?

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Most digitizing software packages give you the ability to position window panes and to view them. In all software classes, an instructor will here a request for help because a student has lost a window view and wants to get it back.  Or the universal questions of why the grids are bigger or smaller compared to the teacher's screen?  And  the most common question, why don't I have a grid?

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Getting a "window pane view" back on the computer screen is pretty much the same in all the digitizing software packages. There will always be a menu somewhere in the software that will let you select the tools and features you desire whenever you open up your software. The same is true for the grid.

The platform of PE-Design NEXT lets you customize which tools you would like to access quickly and how you wish to arrange your window panes.  The ribbon bar across the top of PE-Design NEXT can be customized to fit digitizing or simple editing needs easily.

I teach several softwares to customers at stores. There is seldom a PE-Design class that doesn't include a student questioning why he or she doesn't have the same options in their quick access menu.

I chose the PE-Design NEXT software to point out the setup because of the Quick Access Tool Bar aka Ribbon. The tools selected are ones I use almost every day. I look for these tools across all my digitizing softwares to have readily available with a click! You may prefer other choices.

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Have you checked the new layout in Bernina 7? So many tools easily found.  Did you know that Art N Stitch is getting ready for some new wonderful features to be added?  Check the software websites for your brand of software to always stay current on updates and upgrades! See you in class!

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