Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home from back to virtual chocolate!

The production team was fabulous from beginning to end.  Kristin, my instructional producer, knew to say all the right things whenever there was glitch in the taping.  Michelle, Marshall and Kristin never had a frown cross their faces. Let me add, all three have great smiles.

As soon as the taping was finished, they took a few photos for marketing, and then we packed things up.  I did leave the samples with them in neat organized piles. Those who have worked with me would expect nothing less when it comes to organizing kits.

Everything in the lesson went smoothly.  Followed by a wonderful lunch at “Fuel” which is a tasty restaurant  supplied with locally grown produce that is the talk of the town. 

As much fun as I had in Denver, it is nice to return home.  That means it is time to add more virtual chocolate on the Facebook fan page.  Here is the next "machine embroidery freebie serving" and it will change on Sunday, so don't delay!  The download link is located under the top of the fan page "Cover Photo"!

Almost forgot to mention:
Did you know that February is National Embroidery Month?
Heading over to Facebook to find out what everyone is stitching.  Either share it here or on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Fan Page.

I just finished stitching out three gifts: three baby blankets and a set of hooded baby towels.

Actually, I stitched an extra blanket because I wasn't careful the first time when I hooped on my 655 and didn't notice that the satin trim was positioned to get caught up around the hoop!  And that is why you shouldn't do anything in a rush!  There was no way to save the blanket, so I cut off the mistake and the satin trim and will use the fleece left over for more pajamas for Stella. She is my 8 pound wonder poodle.

Stella is not nearly as excited as I am with this solution. 

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