Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine inspires creativity and loving gifts, the ice storm promotes DIY!

Valentine's Day inspires creativity in all "formats" from photos, to cards, scrapbook pages, cupcakes , sewing projects and embroidery.

I have been posting machine embroidery designs on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Facebook Page to all our fans.

As Valentine's Day approaches, I am staring at my Cricut and Brother Scan N Cut and planning my day.

Iced in with no place to go...

Georgia is one big ice palace today with no chance of thaw until Friday morning according to the weather channel. I haven't shopped for the first card so this will definitely be a DIY holiday.  If you are creating some fun projects or need a few ideas join me on Facebook and let's share!

Valentine Memories, what are yours?

What we teach children about holidays and feelings can imprint them forever!

We never know which of the things we share with children will last a lifetime, whether intentionally or not.

Do you have a song from childhood that you learned for Valentine's Day?

I  can't tell you the title of the song or who wrote it, but the words live on ...

Hearts of paper,
hearts of lace,
wherever I go I see hearts everywhere...
On this one I've written,
Oh won't you be mine?
I want you to be my Valentine.

Really sweet when you picture a class of 7 years singing it!

Do you have a favorite kind of candy that stirs happy childhood memories?

For me it is definitely Chocolate Covered Cherries!

Was there a small gift perhaps that made your heart sing?

Maybe your memory is a special gift, like the locket I got in the 4th grade.

Many of us do not think about past memories when it comes to Valentine's Day but if you take a moment you might find that the sweetest gift of the holiday is the memory of a special moment.


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Nancy at said...

My favorite memories are making Valentine bags in school and then sharing Valentine's with all our friends. I went to a very small country school so it was a nice time to show our friends we cared for each other. Stay warm and safe!
Nancy in Grand Rapids where it is very snowy here too!