Thursday, March 6, 2014

Embroidery and Sewing for a cause

Sharing a worthy cause...

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The beautiful thing about any crafting hobby or crafting skill is that you can easily use it to help others.  One that has touched my heart that involves embroidery is Hugs For Kids. I asked Pat of to share about their program Hugs for Kids:

"We decided that everyone needs a smile, especially when in the hospital! Therefore, we have been donating stuffed animals that are embroidered by my friend Jean and myself.  We have linked up with Cardon Hospital and fill every request the nurses give us."

Learn more about their mission at, Hugs for Kids Project!

More about Gransworkroom and the Embroidery Deduper Software:
If you have ever sat in one of my workshops, you know that my secret to keeping all my files organized (documents, embroidery files and photos) is my favorite duplicate removing software: The Deduper. From March 7-17, 201  the Deduper is being offered at the best price ever.  Learn more about what this software can do for you...

Yay! I have finished working on some behind the scene todos for the upcoming release of a new class on Craftsy, and I will be back to blogging and FB on a regular schedule.

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