Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to make the built in features of embroidery software do the work for you!

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Look closer at your embroidery software built in features!
What kind of shape is your software in?

Machine embroidery digitizing software packages often include built in shapes to draw.  You can use the shapes as designs or combine shapes to create more complex embroidery patterns.

Many of the more common shapes included are leaves, flowers, stars, moons, circles, squares, and petals to name just a few.

More complex shapes include stylized patterns: paisleys, curlz, scrolls and more.

If the software has drawing tools included even more built in shape possibilities may exist.  

This machine embroidery design is free on my Facebook page this week.  Look at the shapes used to create this appliqué, then look at your own software.  Can you create something similar? I bet you can.  There are creative possibilities when you know the tools of your software. 

In Artistic Digitizing, we use the tools to create personalized silhouettes, and more plus we explore the shapes feature and how simply you can create designs and appliqué monograms. Whether you are new to digitizing Designs in Machine Embroidery Designs or have played with it but would like a fresh new approach, Artistic Digitizing - I feel confident that I can get you to the next level! Join me in class on Craftsy.

Side note: after I created the embroidery design, I made templates and scanned them into Brother's Scan N Cut die cutting machine... and now it's easy to create many appliques fabric motifs ready to put in the embroidery design without tedious cutting saving time. More chat on that when April begins!

Lettering is the next topi . I've put a few finds here for you.  Note that Embrilliance is for Mac and the others are Windows.  Many quilters own embroidery software for labels, too.

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