Friday, March 21, 2014

Transform your ideas into beautiful embroidery designs, let's go further...

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Some tips on what to look for when purchasing embroidery software!
  • Check carefully the type of computer operating system is needed, and does your computer have the requirements necessary to run it.
  • Many brands of embroidery software, on the market today, will export designs in
    several machine file formats. Make sure that your machine file format is one of them! A conversion software is always an option, if needed.
  • Look at the machine hoop size options for the software you are considering. Are the ones included workable with your machine? Some software packages will allow you to create hoop sizes, which is very nice.
  • Examine how you will transfer your design from the software to the embroidery machine. USB? Direct connections to the computer? Do you need another transfer device to make it happen?
  • Does the software give you full digitizing capabilities? Or is it primarily an editing software letting you resize, rotate, duplicate, etc? Some editing softwares offer lettering packages, too.  Read carefully!
  • When the package says: "creating you own designs," does this mean it has full digitizing tools including a running stitch, column stitch plus manual block punching capabilities? Or do they mean auto digitize where the software needs a clean graphic to convert it into stitches.  Auto is nice but it also comes with limitations.
  • What about lettering and monogramming?  Is it included in the software package? How many fonts? How many monogram styles? Are there samples shown? Do the monograms have optional decorative embellishments?
  • Make sure that there is a software support system in place for any embroidery software purchase.
  • Your research for both pricing and support will pay off adding value to the software that you select.

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Keep asking questions until you clearly know the capabilities of the software you are looking to buy.  You can tell by the answers whether or not you will get the needed support. Most software sales are final so I can't stress this enough. Ask about anything that is unclear about the capabilities of a product prior to the purchase. It's no bargain if you can't use it. 
 "Without good instruction on the basics of the software consumers become rightfully frustrated.  But within the first few hours of instruction, I have personally watched customers become thankful that they finally understand the basics and continue on to become good digitizers.  Several now own fabulous embroidery design  websites!  Your research for both pricing and support will pay off adding value to the software that you select."
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