Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Sew Easy to create a scarf and more... airing now!

You can see my wardrobe in the background!
I am inviting you to watch free videos on the It's Sew Easy online website. You can watch for free a new episode each week, and download the free instructions that accompany each segment of every episode. Pretty cool, right?

Airing now episode 602 on ItsSewEasy now to April 11 (Noon EST)  includes my segment  on tips for creating scarves! Thrilled to be in this episode with Joanne Banko and Angela Wolfe - two wonderful gals with great sewing skills and ready to share with all of us!

Does PBS offer sewing shows in your area?  I have to simply smile because many of the sewing shows do not air here in Georgia.  We have a Sewing with Nancy at 6am which is very nice.  DVR is the way to go for that early morning challenge!

I am always surprised when I travel outside of Georgia, as to the number of quality programs on PBS stations for sewing enthusiasts.  Ironic for me since I sew, and have done 4 segments over the last few years for It's Sew Easy TV.  This popular PBS sewing show is seen across the US but unfortunately not here in Georgia. To add to the irony, Georgia has one of the largest sewing population memberships in ASG.  Thank goodness we have quality dealers in our area plus fabulous quilting stores.

I do love It's Sew Easy  because of the quality of their show and have amazing companies who stand behind them. The emphasis is not on perfection but rather on skill building, skill refreshers and the "enjoyment" of sewing from novice to more advance enthusiasts. I have met so many of my own favorite sewing icons while on their set.  One of the nicest things they do is offer online for one week each episode.

If sewing shows airs in your area, be sure to support PBS and let them know why you are doing so! 

Here is the PBS programming finder for your area and if you don't see what you want, write to them, ask your friends and sewing dealers to do the same:

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bouncy bobbin said...

So glad that It's Sew Easy got you on their show again. I always love your projects and appreciate your easy explanations of things.