Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Part 1: Fabric Die Cuts for Machine Embroidery with the designs you digitize yourself...

A few video techno hiccups later, and everything is up and running... but too much down time creates over thinking! (Originally published May 22, 2014, edited and revised)

I kept rethinking how I wanted to approach this topic for those of us who love embroidery designs and own die cutters also.  I realized that there are different entry points into creating appliques for machine embroidery designs: (1) Designs you make yourself (2) Designs that you purchase.

Within those two topics, do you own software for digitizing machine embroidery designs?
Do you own software for sizing designs in your specific cutter or do you have the Brother Scan N Cut? I own the Brother Scan N Cut and love it.  I also have a Cricut Expression and assorted software.

I have divided this subject in an attempt to offer help in small servings!  This first one is 8 minutes and it will apply to any embroidery digitizing software as it only requires that you have a running stitch and satin stitch. (An optional tackdown stitch is nice like the V or blanket motif stitch but not an essential tool.)

The first video is for those who own embroidery digitizing software and a die cutter and already know how to digitize an applique. This is how my own designs fit perfectly with the die cut patterns I create. It's an overview of creating the design from  the filmstrip but if you need technical digitizing help, that can be found in Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs on Craftsy. See the Butterfly Lesson in that specific Craftsy class. Coupon discount provided here in blog posting. The ice  cream cone graphic is available, at this time, on my Fan Page on the Freebie Projects, see icon located under the Cover Page photo.

First video that shows how I create machine embroidery appliques which makes them work well for die cutting. This video was revised to ensure it plays louder than the original.

The next post will have a video showing how to use the print out in the Brother Scan N Cut. Then we will move to a related topic which is how to create the die cut from someone else's applique design. Plus more posts with support videos to follow now that the software situation has been corrected on our end.

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