Thursday, May 8, 2014

Learn techno appliqué over the next 2 weeks right here!

With a few weeks off from blogging to gather project ideas and lesson planning, we are ready to begin summer fun!

Techno appliqué is combining embroidery digitizing software with die cutting technology saving time and increasing accuracy with beautifully fitting "patches".

Here are a few designs created using my embroidery digitizing software and my Brother Scan N Cut die cutter on the left.

No doubt, a few of you have a Brother Scan N Cut or similar style die cutter on your Mother's Day wish list. You can use other die cutters to do this project, but you will also need to add a computer scanner to the creative process:

Over the next two weeks, I will go over tips and tricks for using your embroidery digitizing software with the die cutting machines to create flawless templates and designs that will work with accuracy and reliability.

Follow along and if you create your own design following the tutorial, please take a photo and share it with me on Facebook! Upload a photo of your homework  between 5/12/2014 and 6/06/2014 and be entered for a special drawing.

Here is a doodle made on a napkin while waiting for Bentley, my wonder poodle "to make it gone" at Brewster's ice-cream.  Dogs get free sundaes so it is our first stop after the vet as they share the same lot!  You can use a doodle of your own but I will be providing steps using this ice cream cone which is a free graphic download on the project page of the CookiesCreationsWebsite Facebook page!

It's a rough drawing so don't judge too harshly.  I used a spoon handle for the straight lines. It was the tool at hand!

Supplies you will need to gather:

  • A doodle (ice-cream cone) 
  • Die Cutting machine
  • Computer scanner if your die cutting machine does not have a scanner built in to it like the Brother Scan N Cut
  • Embroidery digitizing software
  • Embroidery Machine with embroidery hoop. Note this design is set up for 5x7 but you can resize it if needed for hoop size.
  • Machine embroidery thread in a 40 weight: one spool each in Pink & Light Brown
  • Applique backing or similar product like Heat and Bond-light weight
  • 10x10 piece of white cotton fabric with suitable stabilizer
  • White bobbin thread is fine for the bottom
  • Applique duck bill scissors or other preferred scissors for cutting out patches
  • Pink fabric for ice-cream patch and light tan brown fabric for cone

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and meet me here Tuesday night ready to begin our techno appliqué lessons, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 weeks starting 5/13/2014 right here!

We will have a great time so gather your supplies and get ready for the fun to begin!


Karen said...

I don't see any posting for the techno applique. Is it online somewhere?

Cookie Gaynor said...

Hi Karen, I experienced a glitch in the video software with my Windows computer. It's all been resolved and there is a new post with the video link to my channel: Great topic for another series: When techno interrupts! Thank you for following the blog and you can always chat me up on Facebook, too!

Unknown said...

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