Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Part 2: How to use your embroidery software generated template for die cut machines like Scan N Cut...

Now that the videos are all running smoothly for the how to portion, this post picks up where the previous one leaves off.  I am still working with a template from a design that is digitized in home embroidery software. Later posts will cover purchased appliqué embroidery designs.

You should have a template printed out from digitizing software following the steps mentioned in the blog post of May 27, 2014. Review the steps and watch the video on how to create the perfect template.

Tips to get you started:

See video in previous post for print template settings.
  • Print out using a 1:1 ratio and set to realistic view in digitizing software to avoid having a jump thread on the template. (One less miscellaneous line for the die cut scanner to pick up during this next set of steps.)
  • If your die cut machine or die cut software can create outline images from solid black shapes, a laser printer is ideal.  Ink jet is still ok just be sure it is not producing streaked images. If it is clean the cartridges of the ink jet printer.
  • Apply a fabric appliqué backing following the manufacturers directions to prepare the fabric prior to cutting. If you are not using a Scan N Cut, you still need to do this step for the Cricut, etc!
Let's go straight to the video to see how I use this template method in the Brother Scan N Cut. 

It's so simple, and you will become addicted to this like I am! Grab your machine, embroidery design template, cutting blade set to 4, spatula, fabric with appliqué backing applied, scanning mat, teal and purple standard mat and give it a try!

What if you own a manual die cutting machine?

 Here are the basic steps for those using appliqué templates from Accuquilt or Sizzix, etc. Select the die and cut it out using solid colored paper. You could use the actual fabric with backing but a paper template makes it easier to see for digitizing. Use a scanner set to a 1:1 ratio  to get the shape to the computer. Open it in the embroidery software in the exact size of the physical die cut selected. Create your appliqué design in the software. Be sure to apply an appliqué backing prior to cutting out your fabric patch!

What if you own a different die cutter than the Scan N Cut?

 If you use a different brand die cut machine then your template is created by using a 1:1 ratio with a computer scanner and keeping the same size in the embroidery software. Bottom line: scan the appliqué drawing in the exact size you want to embroider in. Bring in the same jpg you scanned in a 1:1 ratio into die cut software that is created specifically for your die cut brand.

Next post in this series will be creating appliqué patches with the die cutter for existing embroidery appliqué designs that you have purchased! Subscribe to the blog to stay informed of new postings automatically.

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