Saturday, June 28, 2014

Part 4: Appliqué Machine Embroidery Designs - How to get the fabric patch template:

Sometimes appliqué designs are sold without having paper templates furnished for the fabric "patches".

How to create templates for cutting out fabric patches is our topic today.

You can open any purchased embroidery design in most digitizing software packages and have access to the stitching layers of the design.  Note some embroidery editing alone softwares may offer the ability to delete design objects. Check your software manual, if the design appears to be locked. Normally, there is a work around.

You can create the fabric template easily for your die cutting machine. By deleting all the layers of an appliqué design except for the running stitch outline used for placing appliqué fabric patches. Often I demonstrate tips using Brother PE Design NEXT or Bernina's Version 7. In the video, I am using Art and Stitch PLUS  to demonstrate that these methods work with most home embroidery softwares.

What if you don't own embroidery software, now what?

If you don't own embroidery digitizing software and the design you purchased doesn't furnish a fabric cutting template, you still can work around that.

Place an old needle in your machine, no need to use a good one for this.

Hoop a piece of paper or even cut-away stabilizer

Fast forward through the design using the built in layout tools in your machine to arrive at the the placement outline for fabric on your machine.

Stitch it without thread or if your machine requires thread you can actually hold the end of the thread to keep the tension on the discs so the machine will run without being threaded.  Or simply stitch the outline on paper with thread.

For the Scan N Cut, its back to kindergarten for the technique as you simply must connect the dots with a fine tip black marker and proceed as usual.

For a different type of die cut machine, scan it into your computer in a 1 to1 ratio saving it into the needed format. Then import it into the associated die cutting software based on the brand's requirements.

Remember to replace the sewing machine needle with a fresh new embroidery machine needle for the actual stitching of your design on fabric.

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