Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why do I sew dog scarves?

 Why Dog Scarves?

I use to think walking was grabbing the dog leashes and hitting the trail for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week.  Reality check - nothing like a yearly check up to make one assess health goals.

As sewing, and embroidery enthusiasts, we tend to do a lot of sitting. Next time you are sewing up a marathon for an hour, get up and take a break. Take a walk around the block, stretch your spine in 6 directions or  touch your toes, better yet do all three. This can really help to keep your back in shape for sewing and "life"!

So why dog scarves? I refuse to purchase "walking clothes" so basically my morning outfits are sadly lacking. However, because  my multi sized poodles walk with me all the time and they look adorable in scarves.  It is that simple. The scarves do not untie because they slip over the collar.  Plus, they can be used to send a message for support on topics you believe in. I use two 10" quilt block squares, thread, pattern, scissor, a sewing machine and 15 minutes is all you need to cut out several. You can make 4 or more in an hour easily. You may want to add an edge foot to make topstitching extra easy.  There are videos on the CookieSews YouTube channel showing how the edge foot works.

It's this simple: Cut out two pieces with pretty sides together, pattern available.

Stitch together (using matching thread) leaving area open noted on pattern for turning. Turn right side out and with edge foot topstitch four sides other than of top of scarf. Sample uses white thread  for photographing,otherwise it would be blue. Although contrast thread is pretty, if your machine does a nice straight stitch.

Fold top of scarf down on fold line indicated on pattern:

Stitch top of scarf down, in correct position shown on pattern, to form casing for collar to easily slip through.

Now all edges are professionally top stitched with no openings to be hand stitched. Yay! Slip the collar through. It's reversible! (Using a pink collar for ease of viewing but trust me in the real world, Stella would protest and insist on her blue collar. Someone has to look good on the walk!)

Stella after walking! Her minimum  is 5,000 steps daily.
New world order with scarves:  poodles must now trot to keep up our faster pace walk for 45-60 minutes  to be included in the 10,000 steps, daily to benefit us!   Yoga is not just for class time and is now a daily event. Weight bearing exercises are not all equal and having a trainer get you started is better than wasting time at the gym.

Adding a step app or device really is constant motivation.  I would love a Samsung with the watch and Dick Tracy approach but my budget says Fitbit Flex.  And let's face it, I go everywhere with my phone so I do know what time it is.

Back View
Although I refuse to purchase fancy walking clothes, good supportive shoes really do make the difference in comfort now that walking is no longer a poodle march for lawn and garden ideas. Make a few scarves for your favorite pooch.

This particular pattern works for 9" to 16" dog collar sizes. But you increase the printout percentage for larger collars  and reduce it for smaller ones.  It's that easy.

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