Friday, October 3, 2014

Part 1 Holiday Stitching: Quick embroidery gifts and home decorating items for the holidays!

Planning ahead for the holidays?  Get stitching right away with this free design I whipped up and have put on the CookiesCreationsWebsite Fan Page.

A few years ago I went crazy making bookmarks for everyone.  I kept ordering them and finally I achieved the impossible and all my friends had them.  I still had a few left over and this year I was inspired to use them.

YES! Napkin rings and all that was needed were a simple design and buttonhole!  

Here is how I made the napkin rings:

The free design from my Fan Page.
The lace bookmark from
A small button
Sticky paper

I placed the sticky paper in the hoop, scored it and removed the waxy top.

I did several at a time in one hoop by duplicating the design on my machine and positioning them correctly for each book mark blank.  

Putting the lacy side of the bookmark (pretty side up) with the lace to the right when placed on the sticky paper.  Stitched out the design.  The dimensions of the book mark is 3" x 8" so if you try this, you want to be sure that they fit in the embroidery area of the size hoop you choose.  I used a buttonhole chisel to open the small opening for the button to pass through.  If you use a seam ripper, use caution to avoid ripping the thread along with the slit of fabric of the buttonhole. Sewing a button on the left side of the bookmark (pretty side up) once to finish it off.  (You could even stitch the buttons on with a sewing machine; check it out in your manual.)  Quickest napkin rings ever.  More ideas coming!  

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Anonymous said...

I really loved this idea and the design. It's not often that you see things for Chanukah however I may be one of the few people left that is not on face book. Is there another way to get this design? This is not the only time I have experienced not being able to get something unless I was on face book.Thanks for the great idea. Barbara