Saturday, October 11, 2014

Part 2 Holiday Stitching: Exploring the roles of elements created in a design set.

In my last post, I shared directions on making the simple napkin ring and now using the same idea I've adorned it with a festive bow. I embroidered a complimentary design on a napkin.

Picking a small "common" embellishment, in this case a small bow, makes each accessory flow together as a set.  In the prior post set of October 3rd, it was the Star of David done in several sizes, with different approaches.

Think of the bow as a character which makes guest appearances in all of the designs in the role of a supporting actor.  Think of the previous Star of David as the main actor/star who appears in every episode. By building a set of designs around a common embellishment with a project theme in mind, it becomes easy to add other decorated items.

Enjoy 2 free napkin ring embellishments from both last week and this week on my cookiescreationswebsite"business fan page. Like on Facebook and the link to the design is under the cover page photo.

See the inspired design set in last week's post now available for purchase at

What shape or small design element will use in your design set?

I would love to hear about it.

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