Sunday, October 19, 2014

Part 3 Holiday Stitching: What gift can you make with auto appliqué feature on an embroidery machine?

If you own an embroidery machine that has auto appliqué built in, here's an idea:

Bring your design onto the screen, be sure to check the menu setting of the machine and give the appliqué line extra space from the design itself for cutting later. Refer to your manual or ask your dealer to show you how, if this is new to you.

Not knowing which machine you are on while reading this, remember you can use your onscreen machine layout tools to move through the elements as you need them.

Hoop water soluble mesh stabilizer in the hoop.  Float a piece of pre-shrunk cotton fabric on top and have the machine sew the running stitch of the auto machine appliqué. That will anchor the fabric onto the stabilizer. Next, stitch out the design itself. Once the design is embroidered, it is time to remove the hoop from the machine. Keep everything hooped and remove the frame from the machine.

Place the hoop face down on your table and make a sandwich while using adhesive spray or embroidery tape to hold it all together. If you are using tape, be sure to keep it out of the path of stitching.  Place a layer of cotton batting and then a layer of microsuede facing right side out.  Or instead of cotton batting with microsuede, just add a piece of color fast felt. Carefully return the hoop to the machine. Use the appliqué running stitch again to sew everything to the water soluble stabilizer.  Remove the hoop once more with everything in place. Use scissors and trim away the excess fabric from the top and bottom of the hoop.  Do this trimming on a flat surface and not your lap. Return the hoop to the machine and finish stitching the remaining appliqué stitches. Remove project from hoop. Trim and spray off the water soluble stabilizer. Now you have an instant mug rug!  The possibilities of newly designed mug rugs are endless. Like my fan page on Facebook and check out our free designs.

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