Thursday, November 6, 2014

Part 4: Holiday Quick Gift Idea, bring dessert and wrap it up in the gift!

A favorite oldie:

Look how easy it is to take two placemats and sew them together on three sides and slip a tray of brownies inside. I've seen many variations since the first one I sewed in the 1990s.

Use two button holes on each placemat, in the same exact position on the open side.  The slotted spoon or spatula is inserted through both sets for the closure.

You can stitch an appliqué or perhaps a nice sentiment like Season's Greetings or the name of the receiving family!

For those who avoid sewing button holes but do own an embroidery machine, the button holes are on my Facebook Fan Page for free for a limited time.

Two placemats on sale for $5.99, spatula sale $3.50, and raid your stash for fabric patches, designs and thread.  If you don't own an embroidery machine, you certainly can create your own appliqué and sew button holes.  Add a half inch to width of stick.  The stick was almost an inch so I made it 1-1/2"

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Anonymous said...

I've seen these done with quilted placemats but never with ones for Christmas. What a cute, useful gift idea that doesn't even need to be wrapped!