Thursday, November 27, 2014

Part 7, Machine Embroidery to make an " Easy Onesie" Project - Gather your supplies!

Just in time for the holidays, the easiest method for embroidery on onesies.
Onesie Supplies used in sample shown:
Plain white  Gerber onesie
Pink with white dot or plaid ribbon (optional)
Tee Time Embroidery Set
Machine Embroidery thread: Pink, yellow, dark gray, and brown
Easy Tool for onesies and snap tees
5x7 minimum size hoop
White thread in bobbin
Embroidery Machine
Pink sewing thread for ribbon (optional)

AllAboutBlanks stocks quality baby snap tees in white, black and red!

Supplies for matching socks:
Plain white socks
Pink with white dot ribbon
Tee Time Embroidery Set
Machine Embroidery thread: Pink, yellow, dark gray, brown
The Sock Easy
4x4 minimum size hoop
White thread in bobbin
Embroidery Machine
Pink sewing thread for ribbon (optional)

Preparation of the hoop is the same for both projects

Step 1: Hoop sticky stabilizer paper with waxy side up
Step 2: Score with straight pin along inside edge of embroidery hoop
Step 3: Remove waxy paper revealing sticky stabilizer
Step 3: Place onesie positioned on Easy Tool or sock positioned on Sock Easy on sticky stabilizer

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Sticky stabilizer is available at your local sewing machine dealer or order online at!

Print out  the template from the Tee Time Set

Pin to the onesie at the top for creating placement marks.
Admittedly, this is a no fuss eye-ball method. Use whatever placement mark method you prefer including hoop templates.

Fold the Tee itself to find the center of the shirt.  Do you see the gerber baby peeking out at you? I chose this inexpensive onesie as it has clear printed "guide" markings to see right side and wrong side for the purpose of this post.

Next, fold the paper template vertically and horizontally as shown to create your center placement mark. Again, use your own preferred method for placement marking. I subscribe to keep it simple ;)
Fold up & draw line Use washday pen
Repeat step vertically

Let's hoop the onesie by first turning it inside out, and have the back of the shirt facing towards you. Slip the Easy Tool in-between the two layers at the neck opening.

The back panel of the onesie with the snaps will then be wrapped around the U shaped handle of the Easy Tool in the next step. By doing this step, you will reveal the pretty side of the onesie to be embroidered with the placement markings now visible. See the next photo.

Pretty slick!  From this step you will take the frame unit and place it onto the sticky paper.  You can easily adjust the baby onesie to lie straight on the stabilizer.  Look at the knit lines of the tee and keep them relatively straight.  If you were doing this without the Easy Tool, it would take more time as you would be pinning things out of the way.

Look at the next photo and see how nicely it fits in the hoop.  You do need to have a minimum 5x7 hoop to use the Easy Onesie.

Once on the hoop with the "grain" of the fabric straight, you are able to secure the tee out of the way.  The copper covered stainless steel frame of the unit let's you adjust it, if needed.

The next two steps share one very important tip: remember to flip your embroidery design to stitch in the correct position.  You can see that in the screen capture of the machine and then as it is stitched out in the photos below.

Add optional topping to keep stitches raised

Flip the design for correct direction

Optional: Add ribbon to sleeves by sewing it with a zigzag stitch stressing the cuff area as you sew to give it a slight ruffle appearance.  Socks refresher in next post!

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THat honeybee is adorable. I've been thinking about embroidering my beesuit with some type of honeybee design.

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