Sunday, December 28, 2014

Be happy in the land of stitches this 2015!

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Create a jar to collect little notes you write to capture moments of happiness throughout the year.

The one pictured here is a mason jar but any type of jar would work.  I chose this style because it is done with embroidery. Or if you need a gift, put a petite notepad and pencil inside or use last year's suggestion and fill it with candy or hot chocolate mix.

Start the embroidery machine and stitch the design which is sized for the mason jar lid.

Stretch the elastic band around "something" giving you four sides and easy access as shown below to tie plum fabric strips to each of the sides.

I'm using the Serger Thread Palette Tool to stretch the elastic around.  I purchased this years ago and it gave me a big smile to use it again in a new way.

Look around the sewing room and you will some gizmo that will work or check out your kitchen drawer!

Create strips: use pinking shears for fabric strips or rip the strips and let the raw edges add a fun look.  Fill in-between the plum strips of fabric with red or pink organza strips or ribbons.  I used this same type of jar filled with hot chocolate for Christmas, hence the red and green ribbons and organza shown to the right.

Want to digitize your own design? Create a circle in your software in the size you need and get creative within the confines of the circle. If you don't know how, join me on Craftsy and save 50%!

For the lid, you can add an extra layer of felt or a batting to add additional "poof". The featured sample uses two layers of felt glued to the lid. The lid in this sample design measures 2.75 inches in diameter sized for the mason jar disc.

It's okay to cut out on the line itself as it will be tucked under the mason jar lid.  Sample was cut with pinking shears. Love Aileen's glue for flexibility, adherence to so many "bases" and strength. Use any glue that will adhere fabric to metal that is handy in your home!

Tip: if you don't have the right adhesive or glue, go quietly into your significant other's Home Depot stash!  Mine flies remote control planes so I have every glue known to man at my secret disposal. I love the supplies used in his hobby!

Tie a ribbon around the lid with a bow finish and glue it in place.  Be sure to keep the glue just on the lid edge. Here is the one I did for Christmas adding an additional Tag of Joy that I digitized last year.

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