Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Part 10, Tag you are it for the holidays!

A personalized ornament or gift tag with someone you love "sketched in thread".

Supplies: Sketch portrait design, two pieced of fabric (sample uses ultra suede), red 40 wt. embroidery thread on top and in bobbin, 12 inches of ribbon, one piece of stabilizer either tear away or sticky depending on which finished look you prefer. If you use sticky paper, then the back side will be plain and if you use tear away then the backside will be the portrait in reverse.

Take your favorite photo or drawing and with  digitizing software, and duplicate it in stitches.

It is one of the easiest gifts you make. Another suggestion is to trace a photo of a friend's home  with digitizing software as a welcome blanket design and use the closing date as the "founding date".

To do this portrait tag, create the stitch portrait of your subject.  Create an oval around the portrait. Apply a fancy motif stitch to it. Create two circles as "eyelets" less than 1/4" big and apply satin stitch to each of the "eyelets".

For this tag ornament, two scraps of ultra-suede were used.  Use any fabric that won't fray including felt.  Hoop sticky paper and apply one piece of fabric to the top.  Thread the upper and lower bobbin thread with the same color of embroidery thread for the eyelets to be red on top and bottom.  Stitch out the "subject".  Slide the other piece of fabric under the hoop and stitch out the  motif oval and eyelets. Remove the sticky paper along the motif border. Trim fabric to 1/8" wide from the motif outside edge. Use an eyelet hole punch to remove the inner fabric areas from the eyelets.  Add your ribbon through the eyelets and you are finished!  The other option is to hoop tear away with the upper layer of fabric and again use matching upper and lower embroidery thread. Float backing fabric underneath the hoop.  Stitch the entire project, remove and trim away excess fabric and stabilizer and now you have the design in reverse on the other side.

Two layers of fabric are suggested for either method for stability of tag/ornament.

If you do not know how to create a portrait in stitches, check out
Artistic Digitizing; from Inspiration to Stitch on Craftsy and save with this discounted link.
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