Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#2 Working on my embroidery blank with pattern sewing and drafting...

Still working on my embroidery blank!

I'm in week 4 out of 10 in a pattern making class in Atlanta.  Each week, we (classmates) show up, have fittings made to each of our basic pattern revisions, and stitch up a new and improved version.  Learned some faster sewing tricks from the instructor, and enjoying the camaraderie of those who love sewing.

This is number #2. Before stitching up #3 that has a much needed front view adjustments, and I am backing into rooms at this point. I am scrutinizing the back though it passes class inspection. The left side and right side are not hanging correctly.  The darts are off, there are wings at the lower hips, the sleeve material is greater than the armhole space, seam lines are off.  Center back seam is okay.  Fisheye darts and side seams need help.

Can't really judge the upper back fully as the sleeves are part of the rippling.  The upper back curve is correct from a side view. That was achieved by slashing the pattern - very good lesson! Better to learn it in person than in a book.

I asked for outside opinions and thank you to those who shared their expertise with me. I remeasured the arm holes and adjusted the seam under the sleeves pattern for #3 pattern. I asked the instructor for her thoughts on extending the fish eye darts straight down instead of a curve outward. I also requested wing removal at the sides, last night. She really understood that I do not want fake curves and I wouldn't pick out a blouse with that look either.  Looks great on people who have those curves, but I don't. It's a personal preference.  I will put up #3 this week, while I stitch #4.

I spent the weekend watching two very good classes on pattern making and sewing. See previous post. I stitched up pattern #3 after asking friends to chime in based on their own experience. Adjusted the sleeves and I went to class. Discussed the concerns of #3, wings etc.

This pattern quest started because I switched to a Mac computer and I couldn't run my original Wild Ginger PMB software.  Latest version of Wild Ginger will run in bootcamp on a Mac with Windows 7/8.  I still want to understand how all the adjustments come to fruition. But I am hopping over to get the latest PMB. My body double is staring at me with doubts. Need hubby to take photos.

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