Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feeling lucky with machine embroidery!

March is around the corner.   I am up early having a cup of coffee before attending a conference which begins at 8am.  By the time you read this, I will have been all over social media checking in.  Craftsy questions answered, tweets done, and a new free design for a limited time made available to Facebook fans on the CookiescreationsWebsite Fanpage.

Which designs?

  • ITH Mug Rug 5x7 to the left


  • 8x8 Pillow front declaring your skill over luck in the crafting world.
It's amazing how much can get done in just a couple of hours with the clock ticking away at a deadline. But what isn't done?

The moulage! a.k.a. stupid blouse pattern. Yes, I'm still taking the class (week 6) and finally decided to start over.  It needed too much adjusting (which I did complete). I had my husband pin it and there is very little ease! (No surprise in how he pinned me in.) 

I began to wonder about the sizing of the pattern overall.  I remeasured the sewing lines and armholes and went down a size. Forget that chart on the package. It's not accurate enough for what I want. Mind you, I did stitch all the adjustments to the larger one before making this decision.  

When I return to Atlanta, I will be busy stitching up the completely new one.  Wish me luck! I will line up all the weeks and have Ron take photos... it's a comedy of adjustments.

Have a great weekend!  Cookie

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