Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's catch up and perhaps you have been here: sewing, crafting and embroidery projects that go astray...

I took five weeks off from blogging to do related business tasks: paperwork, store project samples, a business revamp and to prepare for a fashion design class I am currently taking called "Moulage". I have been adding free Valentine machine embroidery designs on Facebook during this "post-less period" so check it out if you haven't collected any of them. It's on the Free Designs link tab.

Here's how my moulage first attempt went:
Impressive right?  This is not a reflection of the instructor who is teaching the class.  It does show how important it is to follow instructions step by step according to your teacher when doing the first of any new project.  
  • Forget what other skills you have used in the past.  
  • Forget what other experts have told you. 
  • Forget the shortcuts you know.  There REALLY is a good reason to do DARTS her way.  There may REALLY be a DIFFERENT way to mark sewing lines plus a more PRACTICAL seam line for adjustments later on.  
I know that one should follow the steps in the same order of the presenter until completing the first project. I know that I can change things up later to shorten steps, if desired.

I threw that wisdom out the window as I embarked on a fashion sewing adventure:

I destroyed the first pattern by not paying attention to my teacher's instructions which was to appliqué in the darts that I had cut out (that's a story in itself - I will skip that here).  

My Rowenta Professional iron quit in total disgust and it put me in time out.  I am smiling while typing the words "time out". My dear friend, Carol, saw the  photo and innocently asked if I gave the iron time out?  No, it gave me time out.  Clearly, I needed to be humbled and be more compliant with the sewing universe.

Tips for the Seamstress, Embroiderer and Crafter when your project goes astray:
  • Laugh when everything feels out of sync including your mind! 
  • Stop what you are doing and take a break to do something else.  

This is my something else:  I am laughing at myself while posting to the blog and perhaps this will save you from making a mess of a new project. If you need help with using sewing feet be sure to check out my videos at YouTube/cookiesews

I am officially back to posting... however, now I am going back to the sewing studio with a second pattern to be drafted according to the instructions by my teacher!

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Grandmother Carolyn said...

I loved this "rant"......Could have been written by Moi, except that I am not attending a sewing class.....but over-whelmed, under-organized, too much "stuff" in my workroom......Yup, this was a timely read. Thanks!