Saturday, February 14, 2015

Researching the project before you begin...the moulage

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The project that went astray continues... "THE REDEMPTION!"

Invaluable! Clear and concise. 
After beginning my moulage, and embracing that the teacher, (Deanne Smith), knows best for the first one, I decided to research all different approaches.  I learned that basic measurements are approximately taken in the same manner. Great discoveries made while taking Pattern Making Basics. Several instructors define the moulage as a second skin which molds to your body.  Once perfected, you would add ease for the sloper.  The sloper would become your basic pattern.  I thought it was interesting that there is variation into the approach of where to stand when measuring someone (to keep the person at ease). Some suggest  standing to the side of the person you are measuring. Other professionals feel that standing to the back is best. Nearly all experienced tailors say to keep talking when measuring, as a distraction.   At the end of the day, this is my walk away learning tip:  do what works best for you in the moment.

I went ahead and created the second one (ouch) with a zipper and sleeves inserted.  Sleeves, thanks to the armholes, really do take up excess fabric in front.  It is good to put a zipper closure on the center line to prevent any distortion. Forget that the pattern has cutaway darts, leave the fabric there. The teacher is right, the teacher is right, the teacher is right...   Remove them when it is all perfected!

Step by step stitching assembly!
So now my third one (ouch, ouch) requires a slight bust dart adjustment.  That is what I was told to do.  I am doing it.
I learned how to slash the back of my pattern. I followed the instructions to the letter. Thank you Deanne Smith! I can now back my way into any room with a perfect fitting moulage.  As long as I don't turn around, I am golden! So that is the goal of #3: fix those bust darts. I will ask hubby to take a photo of me backing into a room for the next post! You'd know that back anywhere!

Here's my tip for self preservation in challenging stitching moments:  it is nice to take a break and sew a mini project in-between large "units" of a more challenging project.  (I learned about units in the Classic Tailored Shirt and it has helped). At ASG this week, I had a chance to make origami fabric flowers.  Lots of fun, and it was amazing how Lucretia and Lisa kept us on task.  Yes, I did it step by step per their instructions. 17 of us, and they turned out nicely!  Now I am going to spend Sunday, working on my moulage.

My true goal:  I want an artful blank that fits well to embellish with machine embroidery.

Happy Valentine's Day,

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