Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY: Design your own Onesies, Peep Tees and Ruffles!

Tees with Ruffles is the theme for this week. I love decorating simple t-shirts and socks because decorating them transforms them from ordinary into a boutique item in less than 2 hours. Using the videos on the CookieSews channel, let me show you how to do it with ease.

Gather your supplies while we create a pretty embroidered tee shirt that is embellished with ribbon, embroidery and ribbons.

Supplies used:
Sticky Stabilizer
Blue pen wash-away marker
1 yard ribbon
2 strips measuring 3 1/2 x 60 inches of cotton fabric
Water soluble topping
Tee Time Design Set with baby chick, bee, ice-cream, flip-flops and more
Embroidery Machine
5x7 hoop
Sewing Machine
Ruffler Foot
All Purpose Foot
Narrow Roll Hem Foot
Easy Tool
Matching threads for designs and ruffles

Step #1 - embroidery
The first step is easy - select your tee design and embroider the selected tee. Reminder: hoop sticky paper and score off the top to apply tee shirt firmly to the sticky surface. If you haven't used your Easy Tool for snap tees and small baby tees, watch YouTube video below to get the first one done.  TIP: Place a piece of water soluble topping over the area to be embroidered which will keep the stitches riding on top nicely making them more defined.

Step #2: Adding ribbons
Stretch the sleeves slightly while using a zigzag stitch to attach them in the same manner used for attaching ribbons to socks. Need to watch a video for attaching ribbon?  Here it is:

Step #3: Adding Ruffles
There are two ways to add ruffles, one is to fold a 6.5"wide set of strips in half to stitch them in place. I prefer this method below which uses a ruffler, and hemmer foot saving fabric and lightening the weight of the finished rumba tee. Always embroider the t-shirt first before adding ruffles when working with the Easy Tool. This one never did get embroidered - learning lessons!

I am whipping mine up over the weekend and will add it to Facebook on Tuesday.  I would love to see yours, too!~ Cookie

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