Friday, April 17, 2015

In search for the right sewing machine? Me, too!

The perfect stretch stitch for Lycra 1230
Do you feel that you own a sewing machine that gives you bragging rights because of the wonderful way it sews? Share about it in the comments area of this post. Those that post will be put into a drawing for an opportunity to win a Sock Easy plus Sock and Tee design set.  Winner to be announced 4/24/15 on Facebook and Blog.  48 hours to claim prize once announced on blog and Facebook.

How this topic came up:

There are times when sewing a garment that my current machines really do not produce that perfect little stitch that is so nicely aligned. I remember the joy of my Bernina 1230, where all the stitches of the straight stitch were so perfectly placed.  I haven't owned a machine with such detailed stitching in a decade.  I fell in love with machine embroidery and sewing moved over to the side along with costume making.

Invisible zipper 1230 insertion
I was reminded of the differences in todays sewing stitch quality, just last week, while looking at cottage industry paperback covers being sold at a bookstore locally.  The smaller sized covers didn't look homemade. I knew they were because the store keeper shared the story behind them. The small covers had uniform perfect stitches lined up so beautifully. I could feel myself literally fighting back tears of remorse of having sold my Bernina 1230. It was my first "perfect" stitching machine.  I picked up a larger book cover and it was clear that these were made on a different sewing machine.  The stitching was acceptable but certainly not "exceptional" as on the smaller covers.

Embroidery lured me in
Like me, perhaps this "unknown" seamstress wanted a machine that could do more embellishing, like machine embroidery.  The trade off in the hooking system was apparent between the small and larger book cover that I was examining. More considerations passed through my mind about the "unknown" machine that produced the larger cover sewn:  Was there also a change in the quality of parts or how the newer machine was made? Or perhaps the machine needed a new needle, good cleaning and oiling? I left the store with no book, or book cover instead motivated to do research and update my own sewing system having returned to garment sewing. Observing classmates struggling on machines in a recent design class, I set my goal:

In search of perfectly sewn stitches on a dedicated sewing machine...

I would really like to know who has a sewing machine that they can brag about? The focus being sewing stitches for garments, accessories and not embroidery.  If your combination sewing and embroidery machine produces a beautiful set of sewing stitches, and seams to die for, share that too.

Be automatically entered into our Friday 4/24/15 drawing by posting bragging rights in this post about your fabulous sewing machine, 48 hours to claim prize once announced on blog and Facebook.

Next post, let the search begin!


Sharon Thomas said...

Depends on what I'm doing. I really like my Brother Quattro Trilogy for embroidery, but have never learned to sew on it. But I sew on my wonderful Brother 6000i. I had to replace the White I had gotten from Montgomery Wards years ago, got a couple of Singers that I was not happy with before going to the Brother machines.

Lynn said...

I too love a perfect stitch and I worked for a multi brand sewing machine dealer for 10 years selling and teaching guide and software classes.
My precious machine is a Pfaff 7570 and it still does a perfect stitch. Personally I believe it has something to do with the front loading rotary bobbin system. For embroidery I use a Janome 11,000SE because it has a feature that will figure the exact size of continous quilting for quilts as big as a king. It does great embroidery. Poor baby has done very little sewing.

Cookie Gaynor said...

The winner of the drawing is Sharon Thomas.