Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do you have a favorite feature on digitizing software that you own?

Home embroidery full digitizing software packages have common basic tools: column/column, running, fill.

These are the extra bells and whistles that can make a difference in creating designs that meet your special needs. This is a random sampling and believe me I could write volumes on each software. Pull out your manual and test them out, if you haven't done so already:

Art and Stitch

Art and Stitch has the easiest method for producing beautiful cutwork each and every time.  There is specific tool to automatically create the steps needed for stitching cutwork which happens in a blink of an eye. Same for lace.

The bookmark was created  in very little time and stitched out in less time.

Babylock and Brother 10 Software:

(The plus editing software has it, too!) Read the package to be sure it is listed because not all versions of editing have it.
Brother and Babylock have the this feature:
Photostitch - seeing is believing and I believe that this program built into their software packages produce the nicest quality designs of this type.

Embird software users enjoy a very nice photo conversion plugin to produce embroidery designs

Bernina 7

Bernina's Blackwork run feature rocks! - Create your artwork, enter into the Embroidery Canvas, click on the outline with the running stitch  and apply blackwork run. Voila! the software puts the outline stitching into one continuous run!

More to come! What is your favorite software and which tool makes you happiest? Share it here or on Facebook!

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