Sunday, May 24, 2015

The infinite scarf from sketching to stitching...

The American Embroidery Conference is this upcoming week and final kit preparation for my classes are done!  All directions neatly printed and packed, ready for distribution, Yay!

The scarf kit was a bit more challenging than past ones because the length and type of fabric was tricky. Plus the pretty fabrics need to be manageable and drape well for all levels of sewers. The linen blend and higher rayon fabrics makes this scarf easy to work with and beautiful results. The student chooses whether they would like the infinity scarf to be twisted or not. The lining fabrics are serged  to make the handling of the fabric easier in class. I know, it's a level of illness! The fabric was positioned on the cutting table for days prior to cutting to ensure the fabric was "relaxed".  We will chat about scarf fabrics and preparation of them in class.

We are using the Destiny by Babylock at the conference.  It's a beautiful machine with a huge 9.5 x 14 inch hoop.  A big thank you to Babylock and Atlanta Sewing Center for providing the machines. For those who are considering one of these machines in their future, no doubt about it - these newly opened machines will be adoptable at great savings at the conference. There are 25 of them in the classroom.

Skill building is always a goal and this project includes multiple hooping. The built in camera feature in the Destiny will ensure the hooping lines up beautifully. However, classroom templates will be furnished in the kits to ensure the students are familiar with "traditional hoop" and the "camera cool" methods!

Just to add excitement for my own cutting pleasure, we made some kits up with a robin egg blue color. Both the red and blue kits are pretty, and I can't wait to see them as finished scarves...

My other class "Sketch it in Stitches" is for those who wish to create their own motifs quickly and easily.  I doodled the design for the scarf class.  In essence, both classes are the how to create the project from beginning to end. You can do one or both.  Last time I checked, the scarf class has 2 spots left. The other class is a lecture demo so that seating is not critical.  If you wish to bring a laptop to Sketch it in Stitches, be sure to charge the battery if you plan to play along in that sketch class. Can't come? Check out my classes on Artistic Digitizing and Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs

Last thoughts: layer your clothes as temperatures in all conference facilities vary from room to room!  If you love sandals, it might be smart to tuck a pair of socks just incase!  See you there!  Cookie & Michele are ready!

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