Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick Sewing Skill: perfect mitered corners for napkins and more!

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It would be fun to use mini designs not only on socks and small t-shirts it but also on cocktail and dinner napkins. We can't always find the napkin size we need. Knowing how to stitch a beautiful mitered corner will save you money and time while adding professional finish to your sewing and quilting projects.

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Here is a pictorial walk through to help you make great corners easily!

The hem width is up to you.  The sample project uses a 1” hem width. 

Step one:
Mark your napkin’s hemline with a disappearing soluble pen.

Step two:  Press napkin on all 4 hemlines

Step three: Unfold and fold each corner in forming a triangle.

Step four: Measure 3/8” from fold and mark.

Step five:  Some prefer to unfold point at this time, fold corner in half on point and measure a right angle line and sew that line and then trim to a 3/8’or less seam.  

I prefer to cut along the 3/8” line:

Step 6: Unfold trimmed edge, fold in half the other way, matching fabric edges and straight stitch along the 3/8” crease.  The 3/8” seam becomes the mitered seam which will sit perfectly centered when you turn it right side out.

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